Greek Villas For Sale - Villa Plans

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Page 1. Ground Floor

Page 2. First Floor

Page 3. Roof Line

Page 4. Basement (showing suggested future layout - see specification below

for finish)

Page 5. Site Layout (note Plot A Sold)

Page 6. Map showing Location of Ermioni, Peloponnese.



•  General:
This offer includes the material, the transporting to the yard,
 the work, the necessary V.A.T. for the electricity and worker's
Social Security (I.K.A.). Works in basement are not included apart
 from the outer wall surface (plaster & paint) and garage door. Works
 in the garden & yard are not included.
•  Excavations:
The excavations of the building (according to static plan) and the
sewage system (including absorbing sewage tank).
•  Concrete works:
Foundation, columns, beams, of reinforced concrete,
dimensions according to static project and greek concrete &
earthquake regulations. Concrete plaque above the kitchen,
the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Concrete water tank 20 m3 aprox.
•   External walls:
Double brick wall with heating insulation 5cm. , Total
thickness: 25 cm.
•  Internal walls:
Single brick wall
•   Hydraulic installation & central heatins:
Kitchen, 2 bathrooms and four (4) external plumbing (verandas).
Concrete water tank (20 m3), pumb. co\ ered copper water pipes,
sewage system (reinforced plastic pipes, sewage absorbing tank).
Including all the necessary equipment. Central heating pipes under
the floor tiles
Electric installation:
Electrical circuit-board with automatic protection shutdown.
Electrical water heater 601t (glass)
Lines: general line, electrical stove, washing machine, water heater,
 telephone (3outlets), television (3 outlets), antenna not included).
Wall sockets: 4 sockets in each bedroom, 4 sockets in living room,
 4 sockets in kitchen, 1 socket in each veranda.
Lights: 14 single, 4 a/r.
Light switches: Legrand basic white.
A/C outlets: 1 in each basic room (total: 3)
The line from the counter to the house and electricity fees are not
Plaster external / internal:
Sanded plastering triple-layered coating. Plaster frames arround
outside doors & windows.
Ceramic tiles throughout the house and verandas according to plan
(baacinenlignot included). The price of tiles are 15 euros/m2.
 Semi-white marble window and door seals. (The stairs to the basement
will not be covered with marble.)
Wall tiles:
Bathroom tiles meet the height of 2.20 m aprox.

Kitchen tiles cover wall space above countertops and meet the height
 of 0.60 m.
Price of tiles: 15 euros/m2.
Bedroom wardrobes:
According to the plans.
3-dimensional wardrobes, plywood box, plywood pre-coated doors.
Pre-coated plywood cabinets, dishholder, drawers, washbasin (granite
look or inox), mixing faucet.
•   Bathroom equipment:
Toilet, low pressure flush, pedestal sink, IDEAL STANDARD
(Mod. BAL1 de lux) white, With mixing faucet and all the necessary
equipment. Builded showertubs according to the plans. Including all
 the necessary bathroom accessories.
•  Roof
According to the plan, four-sided tile-roof above the living-room with
 visible wooden beams, heating insulation (roofmate) 3cm and
asphaltsheet. The roof exceeds outer walls 30cm. Four-sided tile roof
 on the concrete plaque above the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms (not visible;.
•   Doors and Windows
Internal: 5 M.D.F. lacquered doors 0.80 x 2.20 aprox. (including the
door leading to the basement).
Main entrance: White electro-static painted aluminium double panelled door.
White Veranda French shuttered aluminum doors: 2x( 1.40x2.20),
Ix(2.00x2.20) with rolling screen and double panelled glass.
White french shuttered aluminum windows: lx(1.20xl.20) & Ix(l.OOxl.OO)
with rolling screen
White single aluminum windows: 8x(0.40xl.OO) with fixed screen and iron rail.
Basement doors & windows: White ceiling garage door according to the plans.
The rest of basement doors and windows will be an extra cost according
to the real number of them which depending on the real needs & use of
the basement.
•   Paint:
Internal: Plastic water paint. External: Acrylic water paint.
•   Rails:
Veranda rails are from solid iron 14 mm thick.
•   Fireplace:
Brick pre-made basic fireplace with the required chimney.